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As your social work consultant, I will educate you on the ins and outs of many agencies comprising our large social system. Gain a deeper understanding of  how non-profits compliment and address deficiencies in existing government programs. Explore the intersectionality of roles within the legislature, criminal justice, law enforcement, medical, mental health, education, housing, transportation and welfare systems. Learn how to set your agency apart by enhancing your existing programs and creating innovative solutions to address the most pressing needs of our vulnerable populations. Review and develop policies and procedures to ensure that your clients receive care that is informed, safe and conducive to healing. Save money through efficient problem solving strategies aimed at getting your projects completed and funded for implementation. When the scope or complexity of your project exceeds the abilities of your staff and budget, I will provide professional and unique perspectives your potential consumers might bring to the table and the data and organization needed to attract solid private funding.  More than likely, I have experience with past projects that mirror your current situation and can ease anxiety related to change. Requires a consulting service agreement. Sliding fee scale offered.


When addressing social issues through media, it's important to consider how characters and systems are portrayed in order to reduce stigmas, stereotypes and discrimination while increasing awareness regarding strengths, culture, diversity, racial disparities and needs. You'll find encouragement to expose truths, norms and deviants playing roles in the identified problem and support for delivering your story, however, big or small. I have experience with radio copy writing, producing and editing, screenwriting (story pitching, character development, story line trajectory, scene creation & dialogue) and acting for the stage and film. I was a recipient of thefilmschool 2011 summer intensive scholarship program based on my short runner-up dramedy, Something Be Easy. I received a runner-up prize for an Advil commercial competition and have worked on multiple films originating in the Seattle area.


Learn all about trauma, its impact on individuals and communities, and EMDR treatment. 


Coming soon - I am currently completing supervision with an EMDRIA trained consultant to obtain certification level EMDR status with the goal of providing supervision to other clinicians wishing to become EMDR trained. 


Current Projects:

Seattle SPACE

Swell Sessions Intensive EMDR Prep Program

South Whatcom Fire Authority Peer Support Program



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