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Ahead of the Curve

I was delivering online therapy before pandemic hit and I was also directing manual EMDR sessions in which the client is directed to incorporate tapping or eye movements, under my supervision, while online. It was believed in the world of EMDR and trauma treatment that this approach was likely not possible and maybe not safe. I don't like the notion of "impossible." Now we have our first bit of research to back up how safe and effective online EMDR therapy is. I am biased as a practitioner who has been using RemotEMDR since I first discovered it during pandemic. RemotEMDR is an Israeli start-up company founded in 2018 by Neta Gazit, LCSW, EMDR therapist, Lior Gazit, and Tal Baran. A company founded by an innovative woman of color, social worker and tech guru? WOW, I'M A FAN AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO! What I love most is that when initially using the site, I, along with all the other users were encouraged to provide feedback and this woman directly contacted many of us. That is primo customer service. Now, I would love to start research on the health of therapists utilizing this platform because I can tell you that I had plenty of things happening during pandemic, dark stuff, like the rest of the world and somehow, I managed very well given my own circumstances. I have a theory that watching those dots with my clients was really useful. Read the full article below. Love you all! XO, Your Crazy Therapist, Chericka

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