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My Approach


“Trauma is an injury, not an illness.”


      A plethora of evidence based therapy approaches utilized in the field of mental health can be transformative; however, I have learned that directly targeting past trauma can assist individuals in achieving recovery more quickly with long-lasting outcomes. I am solution focused and results oriented by nature. I strive to keep sessions productive and flexible.  With that said, I will work at your pace and I will challenge you to move forward. I will interweave several theoretical approaches such as, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Integrative Therapy, Guided Imagery, Relaxation techniques and elements of several other approaches in prepping you for EMDR. 


     I tend to work with people more intensively in the beginning to bring them to higher state of functioning and emotional stability with the goal of getting them to a maintenance phase more quickly. I find this to be more cost effective, as individuals progress through therapy and discover more about how EMDR works, they naturally begin doing more of the legwork on their own time. I am also selective with cases and purposely keep a smaller caseload in order to provide limited supportive services outside of session.


     I do not accept insurance. I strongly believe that therapy is a personal investment with many potential benefits and should be taken seriously. I find that people feel obligated to their mental health care when they are paying out-of-pocket which is why I offer a sliding fee scale.  It also allows for individuals with medicaid/medicare coverage to access EMDR. Many public health care agencies do not offer this type of therapy, as it is very specific with stringent requirements to maintain. Other considerations for choosing not to participate with insurance programs include reimbursement rates for social workers being amongst the lowest for all mental health providers. Furthermore, pre-existing condition clauses can negatively impact individuals, disqualifying them from health plans or certain benefits. With that said, I am happy to provide you with invoices for any reimbursement purposes; however, I do not contact insurance companies as it is time consuming.


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